beautiful broken

such a drama queen, a hot mess; underneath her temper, underneath the dress
i would send you this one too, but then you’d probably think i’m a homicidal maniac and suicidal.

if anythings gonna make me that way, its gonna be you thinking it in the first place.

"I had my heart set on you…."
— Just a fool (via nothing-really-lastsforever)


I’M THE BEST IN THE WORLD AT WHAT I DO ….. Y2J.SAVE_US …. I really miss him / He should come back sooner

Reblog if you’re a girl and you love wrestling


My mom said that I shouldn’t watch wrestling because its for guys and that I’m like the only girl that likes it so I wanna prove to her that its not just for guys and girls love it just as much if not more



I loved this so much.

Nerdysuccess : LMAO

the moment I like Daniel Bryan personality 



He screams James Dean here.

Few people can work a plain white t-shirt quite like that

I’ve always been this way
I’ll die before I change